Exercise and Physical Therapy

I fell. Inside. Tripped on the puppy. No immediate or obvious injury. But then when I got into the car and sat down, my sciatic nerve went into overdrive. Wow! I couldn’t sit, or lie down or rest in any position that it didn’t hurt. I had to ask DH to stop on even a short drive to let me get out of car and stand up to relieve spasms.

I called our internist. Have you taken pain killers? Check. No effect? Check. Next suggestion: prescription for physical therapy. Check.

I went to physical therapist for initial evaluation. No loss of range of motion. (Quite limber really.) Reported feeling better when I bent backwards, stood up. So they theorized that I might have reinjured L4-L5 lumbar region of spine and need strengthening exercises to regain control of this area. Meanwhile they would try to relieve sciatic nerve spasms by acupressure on my “trigger” points. Therapist puts her elbow into my butt and after initial pain, I was magically relieved. They have continued this for four more sessions so far, including exercises, massage, heat, and the acupressure. I am really impressed with results! I feel back to normal (almost, anyway).

Neither this episode or a spring-time “shoulder impingement” has put a damper on my garden escapades. This spring, the orthopedist I consulted for my shoulder said “no gardening” and certainly “no weeding.” I said “no way.” He said, “well, gently then.” We came to an understanding, that I was going to be outside for mental, if not physical reasons. It didn’t hurt then and it doesn’t hurt now when I am in the garden, pulling, digging, lifting, walking, bending, snipping, etc. Image

Have you had to deal with an injury via physical therapy? Has gardening had to be curtailed, or has it helped?


About Shenandoah Kepler

Hi! I’m Shenandoah and I love to garden. I am becoming an ancient gardener, and am finding new ways to stay digging and enjoying the land.
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