Garden Art

What makes people enjoy a garden? It isn’t just the plantings, it’s the whole experience. I have added whimsical and unexpected “stuff” to amuse me and my guests. I call it art. Some of it goes with the old Georgian house and garden we live in. Some of it is “found art”. Some of it is put together from parts that have meaning only as a whole. Here is some of our garden art:

The head looked like a pilot to me, so I added some old globes for him to map his next flight.

She’s a tiny lady in a big bed of ivy. Kinda goes with the house and garden: a Georgian antique?

This old tiller looked like a bug to me, so we painted him red…and put him in a bed!

Panther on a rock and a plinth


About Shenandoah Kepler

Hi! I’m Shenandoah and I love to garden. I am becoming an ancient gardener, and am finding new ways to stay digging and enjoying the land.
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2 Responses to Garden Art

  1. Robin says:

    Shenandoah, I love your blog! It’s very exciting! My wife is the gardner but I do like gardens! I usually get delegated to the heavy lifting jobs!
    Love your Tiller bug! The globes are neat too!

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