Hi! I’m Shenandoah and I love to garden.

We live in garden dream zone 7 (sometimes a sometimes b). We built our house in what had been a cow pasture. When we first took a shovel to the land, it smelled of manure! “Those blessed by the Lord are blessed forever!”

Gardening to me is weeding and planting and moving those plants until we (DH and I) “get it right.” It is art and architecture in the garden and exterior (contrasting with interior) decoration. Come see our structures and installations!

I’d like to share with you our trials, both successes and failures, and hear from you what has worked and what hasn’t where you are.


2 Responses to About

  1. Rob Mahan says:

    Hi Shenandoah, I saw your comment on Cameron’s growing grace farm blog, and followed your link here. The subject of “aging in place” is one that I’ve been thinking a lot about. If I get my druthers, I will design and build a very energy-efficient, small home with a garden and separate workshop / apartment, with the idea that my wife and I will live out the rest of our days there. I’ll follow your blog to listen to your thoughts on gardening and aging in place, going forward.

    (I apologize in advance for offering unasked for suggestions at our first meeting. As I reach for even stronger reading glasses and the magnify screen button, the font your current theme is using is so tiny, it’s quite difficult to read. The green links against the white background are not easy to make out, either.)

    All the best for many more years of gardening enjoyment,

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! This is the kind of advice I can use! I selected a theme from WordPress and thought it lovely, but did not realize that it had reading drawbacks such as you describe. I think I will revise by trying out new themes on a small laptop rather than my huge desktop screen. Thanks again!

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