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Wordless Wednesday


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Garden Art

What makes people enjoy a garden? It isn’t just the plantings, it’s the whole experience. I have added whimsical and unexpected “stuff” to amuse me and my guests. I call it art. Some of it goes with the old Georgian … Continue reading

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Which Specialist Should I See?

I don’t blend in the way I used to. The problem is: Should I consult my dermatologist, my ophthalmologist, or a psychiatrist?

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Bad Produces Good

I am told I am a “Pollyanna.” I see good in everything. I don’t remember pain or bad times. But sometimes I think how bad times produces good stuff! Like the week-long power outage we are still getting over: We … Continue reading

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It’s Good to Grow Old

When I was younger, I made plans, worked on projects, had lists pages long, kept journals and notebooks, and loved crossing something off one of the lists…I still do these things, but…. Nowadays, I have taken the time, at least … Continue reading

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